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Frail Elder Waiver

What is FEW?

  • The Frail Elder Waiver is a Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver
    • Designed to support frail elders aged 60 and older who meet the care level for a nursing facility but prefer to stay in the community.
  • This is a partnership between MassHealth and the Aging Service Access Point (ASAP) network
    • Financial qualifications determined by MassHealth
    • The ASAP’s Clinical assessment determines nursing facility eligibility and will be assessed by an Aging Services nurse
  • FEW also waives a spouse’s income and assets from being considered when applying for MassHealth
  • As part of this waiver, the FEW applicants must receive services from the ASAP agency

Who is eligible?

  • Age requirement means they must be over the age of 60
  • Meet clinical requirements suitable for a nursing home
    • This will be assessed by an ASNCM nurse
  • Need FEW services listed below
  • Meet the financial requirements to qualify for MassHealth
    • For MassHealth this is making less than 300% of Federal SSI and a maximum of $2,000 in assets

What services can FEW provide?

*Home Delivered Meals* *Chore* *Supportive Day Program*
*Complex Care Training and Oversight (formerly Skilled Nursing)* *Enhanced Technology/(PERS) Cellular Personal Emergency Response System* *Grocery Shopping and Delivery*
*Personal Care* *Transportation* *Homemaker*
*Home Health Aide* *Respite* *Medication Dispensing System*
*Home Delivery of Pre-packaged Medication* *Home Safety/Independence Evaluations (formerly Occupational Therapy)* *Environmental Accessibility Adaptation*
*Supportive Home Care Aide* *Companion* *Orientation and Mobility Services*
Goal Engagement Program Home Based Wandering Response Systems Peer Support
Alzheimer’s/Dementia Coaching Laundry Transitional Assistance
Evidence Based Education Programs    

* Denotes programs that are offered in North Central Massachusetts by ASNCM

How to enroll?

  • To qualify for FEW an applicant must meet clinical and financial eligibility requirements
  • To enroll the applicant should contact our agency Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts

Disclaimer: This resource comes as a courtesy from ASNCM.  You are hereby notified that Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts does not recommend, guarantee, or assume liability for the performance or lack thereof, for any of the resources listed.

Compiled by the Information & Referral at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts. (Updated annually 6/2021; revised 6/2021)

Updated on September 14, 2021

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