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Alternative Housing Voucher Program

Who is Eligible?

  • Non-elderly (less than 60) with a disability
    • If they were applying at 59 and turned 60 that would be okay
  • Low income based on AHVP & DMHRSP graph by county or city area found here
  • Eligible and qualified for the c. 667 elderly/handicapped housing program

How it Works?

  • A program participant will pay rent in an amount equal to either 25% or 30% of the household’s monthly net income to the landlord.
    • Percentage charged depends on whether utilities are included or not.
  • The local administering agency will provide rental assistance payments to the landlord on behalf of the program participant for the remainder of the monthly rental amount.

Application Process

  • The easiest and fastest way applicants can apply is online at CHAMP.
  • If applicants don’t have access to a computer, they can fill out a physical application and send it to any Issuing Agencies that have received AHVP vouchers. They will input this data into CHAMP for them.
  • Applicants may be put on waiting lists that they choose and may receive virtual or mailed letter confirmation.
  • An applicant will be contacted within 30 days of their request by an Accommodation Coordinator from the LHA
  • Applicants may be contacted by MassNAHRO to verify priority and preference then place them on a waiting list.
  • Once an applicant reaches the top of the Issuing Agency’s waiting list, they will be contacted about eligibility. If found eligible then they will receive a briefing on all aspects of the program
  • During the briefing, the eligible applicant will receive AHVP voucher which allows 120 days for the applicant to locate and submit an appropriate unit anywhere within Massachusetts.

Additional Resources for an Applicant

  • Issuing agencies and fact sheet can be found here
  • Income limits to apply for this program can be found here
  • Ceiling rents for reasonable accommodations in this program can be found here
  • Reasonable accommodations defined here

Disclaimer: This resource comes as a courtesy from ASNCM.  You are hereby notified that Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts does not recommend, guarantee, or assume liability for the performance or lack thereof, for any of the resources listed.

Compiled by the Information & Referral at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts. (Updated annually 4/2021; revised 4/2021)

Updated on August 11, 2021

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