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Veteran Transportation Service

What is this service?

  • The Veteran Transportation Service can pick up any Veteran in MA and bring them to their VA appointment
  • This service can bring Veterans to services unavailable in the VA health care buildings but work within the VA network, like eye doctors.

Two options based on eligibility

      • Available to all Veterans in the VA data base

        • A fleet of 5 vans that can bring any veteran to any VA appointment within MA
        • This service is on Monday-Friday 7 AM to 4:30 PM
        • This service fills up fast so any Veteran should try to give at least a week notice to make sure they can get a ride
        • This service is door-to-door, so they cannot assist someone into their home
        • A person can bring along a personal care attendant but they must let the Transportation Coordinators know before so they can request the correct vehicle size
        • These are contracted vehicles for people who are at least 30% disabled by the VA classifications and have special needs, like being in a wheelchair or being an amputee
        • Qualifications for this service will be determined by the Veteran’s primary provider and that doctor can put in the service request for this type of transportation
        • This service is available Monday through Friday is also available for weekend medical appointments
        • This is door-to-door service
        • PCAs or a family member can come along but the Transportation Coordinators must know when the Veteran calls in to request the service

More Information

  • If a Veteran needs a ride to a VA appointment they can call:
    • 413-584-4040 x2217 or x2218
    • If a Veteran isn’t able to make the call, a family member or, if applicable, the nursing facility can call for them

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Compiled by the Information & Referral at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts. (Updated annually 6/2021; revised 6/2021)

Updated on October 13, 2021

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